Just like humans, animals are susceptible to skin irritations from a variety of outside and inside sources. Pets suffer from skin allergies from a number of sources, including fleas, certain foods and contact allergens such as grass and pollen. How do you know when you should contact Lee’s Veterinary Hospital for an appointment concerning your pet’s skin? You should bring your pet in if you notice: loss of hair (alopecia), skin redness, scaly skin, recurrent infections of the skin, and if you notice constant scratching and whining from your animal. All of these conditions can affect your pet as well as your quality of life.

Upon examination, our experienced doctors will take a skin scrape sample and analyze it using our diagnostic lab to identify common skin disorders. If needed, the staff at Lee’s Vet can also perform a biopsy and send the sample off to be examined. The compassionate doctors at Lee’s will offer your pet solutions based on the cause of the irritation. If your pet’s problems are related to food, our doctors can recommend a hypoallergenic diet that may resolve your pet’s issue. Other treatments may come in pill or topical forms, including medications that can be applied by the owner to the pet’s skin or medicinal bathing as necessary. Other common allergies include flea allergies in which we would advise medicated baths and flea prevention to help your pet stay healthy and flea-free.

The doctors at Lee’s Veterinary Hospital have years of successful treatment of allergies in pets. Call us to schedule an appointment today if you feel your pet may be suffering from allergies.